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This lesson was developed as a product of a webquest class that was funded by the High Tech Grant, From Pioneers To Astronauts. This grant was awarded to Mitchell Community Schools in 2001.

The purpose of this lesson is to give the students basic knowledge about stars. It also give the students experience using the WWW to gather information that they must sort, synthesize, and share with others.

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Stars was designed to use with third-fifth graders as part of the science curriculum. This lesson can be done individually or as small groups of students. 

Students should have a basic knowledge of how to navigate on the computer before doing this webquest. They should also be comfortable with the program, Inspiration.

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Curriculum Standards

NET Technology Standards

Indiana Language Arts Standards

Indiana Science Standards

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Students will:


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Required Resources

See student page for list of Internet sites.

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The evaluation for this quest will include:


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Background :

yahoo     google   

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Created on:11/11/2003
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